SpiroTech success story at Mental Hospital de Gelderse Roos

de Gelderse Roos Mental Health Facility

The SpiroTech solution achieved a payback time of less than 1 year at de Gerderse Roos (a regional institution for mental health in the Netherlands). SpiroTech arranged for the effecient and effective removal of dissolved air from the very extensive pipe network which also largely reduced the number of faults and complaints.

A SpiroVent Superior Vacuum Degasser was installed in the boiler house as a bypass on the return pipe system.  As soon as the Superior was put into operation on the third day of measuring, large amounts of air were removed from the system and the concentration of air showed a substantial drop. A total of around 2000 litres of air was removed from the system in 66 days, bringing the concentration of dissolved air down.

“When I heard that the installation of a SpirTech deaerator would eliminate the need to manually vent heating system, I was astonished! Every winter it would take us at least half a day every week to get all the air out of the heating system. during the first weeks of the heating season this could take even more than an entire day!

Thanks to the SpiroTech Suprior, we havent had a single malfunction resulting from air in the system all winter. The Superior switches itself on only a few hours a week, which is enough to ensure that the water in our system only contains a minimal amount of air.  All the reaccurring problems  we had revery year have now been eliminated thanks to the intsllation of the  SpiroVent Superior. This was well  worth the Investment”.

Harm Jan Nauta, Project Leader of Housing at de Gelderse Roos .

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