SpiroVent R2 Domestic Deaerator putting a twist on ease of installation

SpiroVent RV2

SpiroVent RV2 Domestic Deaerator allowing Horizontal, Vertical and even Diagonal Installation!!

As a result of the many positive reactions to the swivel connector on the SpiroTrap dirt separators versions MB2 and MB3, a SpiroVent deaerator is now also available in this edition. The SpiroVent RV2 is a fully universal domestic deaerator.

Like all other SpiroVent versions, it easily and effectively removes circulating air and micro bubbles from system water. The connection base can be rotated, allowing the unit to be installed in horizontal, vertical and even diagonal piping. Practice of the SpiroTrap with such a connector proves that the added convenience goes hand in hand with the familiar product quality and reliability.

Product Features

  1. High quality, leak-proof air release valve. Thanks to the special construction and the solid valve seat the valve will always close perfectly.
  2. The specially constructed air chamber provides sufficient volume to absorb pressure fluctuations and prevents valve contamination which is one of the main causes of leaks. The floats are made of solid plastic, so cannot rupture.
  3. The unique Spirotube is the heart. This component has been specially designed for optimum separation of air and micro bubbles and yet offers very low flow resistance.
  4. Rotating connector enabling the unit to be mounted in both horizontal and vertical, and even diagonal, pipes. Thanks to the slip socket this can be done very quickly



Advantages of the SpiroVent RV2 Domestic Deaerator

  • Can be mounted and put in use in only a few minutes
  • Effectively removes circulating air and micro bubbles
  • Inhibits the formation of corrosion products
  • Puts an end to gurgling and other irritating noises
  • Removes air bubbles and prevents cold radiators
  • No more manual venting
  • Minimum pressure drop
  • Energy saving
  • 20 year guarantee


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