Spirotech Impressive 5-6% Energy Saving at Wolverhampton University

In 2011, the University of Wolverhampton embarked on a multimillion pound investment in a state-of-the-art Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System.  The goal was to slash annual energy costs, reduce carbon emissions by a significant amount and future-proof the university energy network.

In two key buildings, the heating system had been performing poorly for some time.  Although the MC building is one of the newest on the Campus, heat transfer was poor and there were widespread system malfunctions.  “We identified significant problems with contamination – filters in the chilled beams and in the air handling units were badly blocked, resulting in severely restricted flow”, explains Stephen Cocks, University of Wolverhampton’s Energy Manager.

EXCELLENT REPUTATION                                                                                                                                                                                

Spirotech’s SpiroTrap dirt separator was installed in 2012 and a SpiroVent Superior vacuum degasser one year later, due largely to the excellent reputation of the company in the UK and also as a result of an Association of University Engineers (AUE) presentation.

Following installation, the Spirotech equipment quickly proved it’s worth: in MC, contaminant was removed after only a few months.  Thanks to the significantly reduced buildup, which now takes just minutes to clear, general maintenance only takes place on a monthly basis.  In MA, the system is now virtually air free and the amount of contaminant present has been dramatically reduced.

“Energy saving and greater efficiency were key to the investments we’ve made in the last three years, so we’re delighted with the amount of energy we’re saving and heat efficiency is a key part of that”, Stephen Cocks concludes.





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