Spirotech SpiroLIFE Exceptional Guarantees

Spiotech SpiroLIFE Exceptional Guarantees

Spirotech’s Exceptional Guarantee Terms!

Spirotech Lifetime Guarantee* is offered on all standard brass products. Solid guarantee terms apply to other Spirotech products as well, made possible thanks to our specialist experience and continuous investment in quality, research, product development and process improvement. The SpiroCare is based on the service life of a system, with a maximum period of 20 years.






  • SpiroLIFE 20 year Guarantee:  Available on all brass products with an operational temperature of <110°C
  • SpiroLIFE 5 year Guarantee:  Available on all steel and brass products with an operational temperature of > 110°C
  • SpiroLIFE 2 year Guarantee:  Available on SpiroVENT Superior Vacuum Degassers


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