Commercial/Domestic Deaeration, Dirt Separation and Pressurisation equipment

Clean up and control wet systems 

Spirotech invented Deaeration within the H&V Industry in 1968, some 56 years of experience which is insurmountable.

When we design into any system, the result will be guaranteed to solve all air and dirt problems, we never walk away from an installation, we will ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Commercial and Domestic Benefits

Spirotech have elected to engineer all our Commercial and Domestic product range into installations, so much so that we will add the benefit of these last 40 years into your installation so that by inclusion money will be saved on any project for everyone, the designer, the installer and the end client.

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    • Automatic AirVents - SpiroTops

      Automatic AirVents – SpiroTops

      The SpiroTop is a fully automatic air vent, as installation fluid functions best when it contains as little air as possible. In an installation, air gathers at the highest points, which can disrupt the flow or even stop it completely. The SpiroTop removes this air in a fast and effective manner, without the need for maintenance.


      • High venting capacity
      • The large distance to the water (at least 40 mm) prevents contamination of the air valve. This contamination is one of the most important causes of leaks.
      • The ½” connection prevents pipette effect.
      • Wide range, suitable for various pressures and temperatures.



      The SpiroTop is a reliable automatic air vent that proves its worth time and time again, and not only when preventing air inclusions in an installation. When an installation is drained, the SpiroTop ensures that the aeration is fast and reliable.

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    • Dirt Separators - SproTrap

      SpiroTrap – Dirt Separators

      The SpiroTrap removes dirt particles from installation water. This is important, as even the smallest particles can still cause huge problems in an installation. The SpiroTrap dirt separator is much more effective and low-maintenance than a filter, as a filter becomes blocked, resulting in a large pressure drop. Moreover, replacing a filter often is a difficult job whereas draining the SpiroTrap only takes a few seconds. With the SpiroTrap, malfunctions, wear and tear, and Maintenance are proactively reduced.



      • Also removes minute dirt particles (from 5 microns)
      • Removes dirt while the system remains in operation
      • Minimal, constant pressure drop
      • No shut-off valves or bypass required
      • Wide range in pressure levels, temperatures and materials


      Low Flow Resistance

      The SpiroTrap dirt separator has a very low and constant flow resistance. Furthermore, the dirt collected does not affect the SpiroTrap’s operation. The SpiroTrap comes with a drainage tap to remove the dirt, which only has to be used once in a while thanks to its large dirt collection capacity. SpiroTrap dirt separators are available in brass and steel.

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    • Combined Air & Dirt Separators - SpiroCombi

      In line Combined Deaerator and Dirt Separator;

      These units must always be installed at the hottest point of the system to starve the system water of air and so make the circulating water absorbtive. From this point the water can only cool down. As the water passes through the system, it cools down so any air pockets that are trapped above the flowing water [e.g. in radiators], begin to be absorbed by the water. This is the physics of water as Henry’s Law of absorbtion of gases in liquids, evolved in 1803, well before H&V came into being.

      The simple analogy is that as water is a natural element it must retain it’s natural characteristics at whatever temperature and pressure that it prevails under. When water is heated a proportion of air is driven off, but when it cools it requires to replace the driven off air from wherever it can.

      The air/water returns to the heat exchanger, the heat input then drives off this air that has been absorbed and this air is then released in the body of the deaerator.

      Eventually all air pockets are totally removed and the system water continues to become deaerated to such a point that no air can be released in the circulating system water.

      The inclusion of the Dirt Separator into the common body enables any circulating particles of dirt to be removed. A standard in line Y-type strainer normally has perforations in the screen of around 1,600µ, but the byproducts of corrosion are normally in the range of 0.5µ and up to around 100µ. Therefore these will continually re-circulate and cause maintenance problems in pumps, heat exchangers, radiators, control valves and the like. The main issue is that a Deaerator must be installed at the hottest point.

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    • Thermal & Vacuum Degasser SpiroVent

      SpiroVent – Deaerators

      If air is not sufficiently removed from the installation fluid, many inconveniences and issues arise which cannot be prevented by manual venting every now and then. However, Spirotech has the ideal product to remove even the smallest air bubbles from the installation water: the SpiroVent micro-bubble deaerator. At the core of this product is the Spirotube, which removes circulating air and trapped air bubbles from the water in a highly effective manner.

      Optimum effect without pressure drop

      The SpiroVent is placed in the full flow, but barely affects the pressure at drop all. We have a wide range of SpiroVent deaerators available. The SpiroVent is available in both brass and steel, and comes in many variations as regards pressure and temperature.

      Advantages of SpiroVent Deaerators


      • Effectively removes the circulating air and micro-bubbles
      • Removes trapped air
      • Much faster commissioning, and removes the need for manual venting
      • Minimal, constant pressure drop
      • No unnecessary standstill
      • Wide range in pressure levels, temperatures and materials


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      Spirovent Superior – Vacuum Degassers


      The Spirovent Superior is a fully automatic Vacuum Degasser for heating, cooling and process installations. This device temporarily subjects part of the installation fluid to low pressure or vacuum. As a result, the air dissolved in the fluid is released and removed from the system. Thanks to the electronic, independent control system, reading system information is a breeze.



      • Removes the dissolved gases; absorbative fluid also ensures that trapped gas bubbles are removed.
      • Plug & play, and can be calibrated very quickly.
      • Energy-efficient thanks to the SmartSwitch.
      • Automatic degassing, filling and pressure maintenance.
      • Protected against unwanted filling.
      • Ideal for low-temperature systems, such as heat pump systems and floor heating installations.
      • Can be used on a wide range of installations.


      Easy installation

      The SpiroVent Superior is supplied ready-to-use, complete with flexible connection tubes with gland nuts. Mounting, connecting and putting the device into operation is very easy.

      When to use Vacuum Deaeration?

      In installations with many branches and low flow rates. For small temperature differences between supply and return. A Vacuum Degasser is not limited by the fluid temperature.

      If a deaerator cannot be mounted on the installation for practical reasons. A Vacuum Degasser can be connected to almost every part of an installation.

      Dirt Separators in these installations will obviously have to be stand alone products.

      SpiroVent RV2 Domestic Deaerator allowing Horizontal, Vertical and even Diagonal Installation!!

      As a result of the many positive reactions to the swivel connector on the SpiroTrap dirt separators versions MB2 and MB3, a SpiroVent deaerator is now also available in this edition. The SpiroVent RV2 is a fully universal domestic deaerator. Like all other SpiroVent versions, it easily and effectively removes circulating air and micro bubbles from heating systems.

      The connection base can be rotated, allowing the unit to be installed in horizontal, vertical and even diagonal piping. Practice of the SpiroTrap with such a connector proves that the added convenience goes hand in hand with the familiar product quality and reliability.


      Advantages of the SpiroVent RV2 Domestic Deaerator


      • Can be mounted and put in use in only a few minutes
      • Effectively removes circulating air nad micro bubbles
      • Inhibits the formation of corrosion products
      • Puts an end to gurgling and other irritating nosies
      • Removes air inclusions and prevents cold radiators
      • No more manual venting
      • Minimum, constant pressure drop
      • Energy saving
      • 20 year guarantee



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    • Pressurisation with Vacuum Degasser & in line Dirt Separator - SpiroPRESS & SpiroTRAP

      Pressurisation with Vacuum Degasser & in line Dirt Separator;

      By quite simple modifications to the Pressure Differential Deaerator the units can easily be adapted to incorporate Pressurisation, all in one compact unit.

      All that is really required is a cold water makeup connection, a pressure switch and modified controls. An additional cold water make-up solenoid is installed so that when the there is a low pressure signal from the pressure switch, the controls of the deaeration phase are overridden by the need for water make-up.

      When the pressure has been stabilized then the controls switch back to the deaeration phase. Much mystique surrounds pressurisation, but to keep simplicity to the fore, all that is really required is to ensure that the expansion vessel (s) are slightly over-sized. The need for pressurisation then is extremely rare after initial commissioning.

      Don’t forget that additional make-up water weakens chemical concentrations! The S6AR2 has the facility for a second pump if desired.

      In line Dirt Separators – SpiroTrap

      The SpiroTrap removes dirt particles from installation water. This is important, as even the smallest particles can still cause huge problems in an installation. The SpiroTrap dirt separator is much more effective and low-maintenance than a filter, as a filter becomes blocked, resulting in a large pressure drop. Moreover, replacing a filter often is a difficult job whereas draining the SpiroTrap only takes a few seconds. With the SpiroTrap, malfunctions, wear and tear, and maintenance are proactively reduced.

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    • Hydraulic Separators - SpiroCross

      In line Combined Deaerator & Dirt Separator with integral Low Loss Header;

      We have this year introduced the Spirocross unit that functions exactly as the In line Combined Deaerator and Dirt Separator, but has the addition of the function of the Low Loss Header. This new product saves space and is commercially viable should the design incorporate a Low Loss Header, all in one compact unit.

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    • Deaerators & Dirt Separators with a Magnet - SpiroTRAP & SpiroCOMBI

      Deaerators & Dirt Separators with a Magnet for use in large-scale units;


      Expanding the existing range of steel deaerators and dirt separators with the SpiroTrap Magnet and the SpiroCombi Magnet. The new models are equipped with a built-in magnet, enabling them to effectively remove magnetic and non-magnetic dirt from large-scale cooling, ventilation and heating systems.

      The primary distinguishing characteristics of the SpiroTrap Magnet and SpiroCombi Magnet are:

      • The speed at which they operate and their user-friendliness.
      • They require no additional space for installation.
      • There are no safety risks associated with either product when the dirt is discharged as the magnet remains firmly anchored inside the product.
      • The pulling mechanism ensures that the magnet always remains mounted in the correct position and cannot be damaged.
      • Your system will be fully protected against magnetic dirt eliminating malfunctions and breakdowns.


      The SpiroCombi Magnet and SpiroTrap Magnet are available in standard models ranging from DN50 up to DN 250. These products are also all covered by a five-year warranty.

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    • Solar Applications - SpiroTop & SpiroVent

      Products for solar applications

      Spirotech offers an extensive range of automatic air vents and deaerators for solar applications. These products are specially designed and developed further for use at higher pressures and temperatures. Just like the rest of our product range, the solar applications of Spirotech are 100% leak-free. They are a reliable and low-maintenance factor in your installation.

      Solar Application Benefits

      • system will not boil dry via the deaerator
      • a permanent air-free, efficient installation
      • solar fluid will not prematurely degenerate
      • no more climbing to the top to deaerate
      • prevents false stagnation
      • suitable for new and existing installations


      Dual effect

      In terms of solar applications, too, our products have a dual effect. SpiroTop automatic air vents and SpiroVent deaerators improve the efficiency of your installation and save time and money during their installation, commissioning and maintenance.

      Continuous deaeration also available for solar systems

      Extremely high temperatures can occur in solar systems, which leads to the formation of steam. Valves are installed to prevent vapour release and overheating. Without valves, solar systems can even boil dry.

      Thanks to a patented invention, Spirotech can offer a solar product range with the so-called AutoClose function. These valves only close if it is really necessary.

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    • Guarantee - SpiroLife

      Spirotech’s Exceptional Guarantee Terms!

      Spirotech Lifetime Guarantee* is offered on all standard brass products. Solid guarantee terms apply to other Spirotech products as well, made possible thanks to our specialist experience and continuous investment in quality, research, product development and process improvement.

      The SpiroCare is based on the service life of a system, with a maximum period of 20 years.




      •  SpiroLIFE 20 year Guarantee:  Available on all brass products with an operational temperature of <110°C
      •  SpiroLIFE 5 year Guarantee:  Available on all brass products with an operational temperature of > 110°C
      • SpiroLIFE 2 year Guarantee:  Available on SpiroVENT Superior Vacuum Degassers



    • FREE CIBSE Accredited CPD Training

      CPD – Total Water Quality & Control of Wet Systems

      The H & V market is undergoing continual change and the old and traditional methods of treating air and dirt problems within LTHW and CHW applications need to be re-considered. A full understanding into the principles of Deaeration, Dirt Separation and Pressurisation techniques allows the designer and installer to totally control these systems needs to be addressed and incorporated within the design and installation.


      • The CPD is all technical and provides an understanding as to how to apply “Henry’s Law of Absorption of gasses in liquids” in order to remove all air within LTHW and CHW systems, totally and for life, through just one central point of collection.
      • The CPD will also fully detail the principles of Dirt Separation and distinguish the difference between conventional strainers and this new, widely preferred and superior method of dirt separation without increasing pressure drops in the system.
      • The CPD provides an opportunity to view inside an actual working demonstration unit whilst it removes both air and dirt particles as they are introduced into the system.
      • Pressurisation can easily be adapted into Deaeration products, or added to as the case may be.


       CIBSE accredited CPD’s

      Spirotech offers a FREE of charge CIBSE accredited CPD. It can be arranged either in your office or on site.  If you are interested in a CPD please contact:  [email protected]