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S & P Coil Products Ltd is a UK based specialist manufacturer and supplier of heating and cooling equipment to the public and private sectors in the UK with a product portfolio including; Heating/Cooling Coils, Fan Convectors, Trench Heating, Radiant Panels, Radiant Conditioning Sails, Heat Pipes and Air Curtains.

Our task is straightforward;

“We improve the comfort of indoor environments and the lives of those who live and work in them by offering our customers quality products, technical expertise and support from specifying products through to delivery….giving complete piece of mind”.

Steve Gage, Managing Director for S & P Coil Products Limited

HASL believe it is a winning combination and after more than 35 years in business, we’ve built a worldwide network of satisfied customers.



      Active BIM Objects delivering project specific Level 2 COBie compliance across all SPC’s product range from:

      • Coil Heat Exchangers
      • Heat Pipes
      • Fan Convectors
      • Radiant Heating
      • Trench Heating
      • Sanuvox Air and Object Sterilisiation



      The latest version of the SPC2000 Coil Selection software allows you to output the selections to a Type Catalogue Parameter file that you can import into Revit along with the relevant coil BIM object (available to download from within the software).

      This gives you an ‘Active BIM’ object and also includes the selection data which you can then use within your BIM model.

      Please click here to download the latest version of SPC 2000



      Metropolitan Trench Heater objects showing the heat output calculations available within the objects. Pedestal options are also available.



      This demonstration shows the output calculations for both heating and cooling available within the ThermaBeam BIM Object BIM Object.

      Please click here to access SPC BIM objects available from SPC

    • Coils for Water Steam or Refrigerent

      Strength, style and performance in a slim-line profile

      Coil heat exchangers are at the heart of many commercial and industrial applications. SPC has been designing and manufacturing coils for rapid heat transfer for more than three decades. We’d love to say that what we don’t know about coils isn’t worth knowing – but that’s not quite true. Technology moves on; the boundaries push outwards; there’s always something new to learn. We just try to make sure we learn it first.

      Energy transfer by water, steam, or refrigerant

      SPC produces a coil for just about any industrial or commercial application you can think of. Our coils come in three types defined by the medium for heat transfer: water, steam, and refrigerant. In addition, for complete heating flexibility, we offer a range of electric heater batteries.

      Coil types cut across applications. Water coils and refrigerant coils can be used for heating and cooling, as well as for heat recovery. HVAC applications include original equipment manufacturers who place our coils at the heart of their air-handling units, fan coils, air curtains, laundry equipment, and VAV boxes. SPC’s coils are also commonly found within the ductwork or the central plant room of shopping malls, offices, hospitals, laboratories, factories, and clean rooms. Others perform key functions within industrial processes such as drying, blast freezing, and material temperature control.

      Different types of Coils Available from SPC:



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    • Trench Heating


      SPC METROPOLITAN Trench & Floor standing heaters are the perfect solution for distributing heat while preventing condensation in rooms where there are large areas of glass – such as car showrooms and swimming pools.

      The floor convectors fit into a trench in the perimeter of a building close to the glass. As well as providing heat to the room they reduce the cold down draught, reducing the risk of condensation.

      The inconspicuous trench heating systems save valuable space in domestic and commercial premises – perfect for rooms where wall space is minimal.

      Demand for SPC’s trench & floor heating solutions has rapidly grown over the past few years, leading the company to introduce its new METROPOLITAN range. The systems are easy to install and require little to no maintenance.



      Please watch the video to see where METROPOLITAN Trench heating has been used across the Uk and Europe.


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    • Fan Convector and Unit Heaters


      A Fan Convector is the quickest way to bring a room up to temperature. Belgravia Fan Convectors put heat where you need it, when you need it.

      Features and Benefits


      • Fan convectors can be utilised in churches, schools, colleges, libraries, sports halls, hotels, boardrooms, hospitals, leisure centres, and a wide range of shops, offices, and industrial buildings. A Fan Convector is the quickest and most cost-effective way of bringing a cold room up to temperature.
      • Energy Efficient
      • Belgravia fan convectors now include EC motors as standard, lowering specific fan power and saving energy.
        Fast and Effective.
      • Nothing brings a room up to temperature as quickly as a fan convector. Depending on the size of room and number of convectors, a room can be made comfortable in a matter of minutes.


      Fan Covectores for Schools, Colleges and Universities

      SPC’s Fan Convectors have been heating Britain’s schools since 1979. We’re best known for our Belgravia range of fan convectors, of which around 60,000 are in everyday use. Their popularity endures because they do the job so well. They’re fast, reliable, robust, and efficient; they’re the workhorses of the British educational system. Belgravia Fan Convectors have been used in many refurbishments and new build projects.To view SPC’s schools brochure Click Here.

      Please click here for HASL Fan Convector Brochure Issue 3

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    • Radiant Ceiling Panels


      The ThermaTile Plus is a radiant ceiling panel consisting of a special corrugated aluminium panel of patented design and a continuous copper tube fixed in a serpentine arrangement upon the upper surface. Low pressure hot water feeds through the circuit and transfers heat to the lower, emission surface for comfort heating via radiant transmission.

      Insulation on the back of the radiant panel prevents any heat escaping into the ceiling void. Not restricted to standard ceiling grid sizes, the radiant ceiling panels may be freely suspended and shaped to suit individual requirements, the circuitry of the heating medium is designed for optimum space and performance.

      SPC’s ThermaTile Plus radiant ceiling panels have extensive appeal to specialists in the fields of architecture, consultancy, specification and engineering…in fact, any discipline concerned with the quality of people’s working and leisure environments. Applications for overhead heating and cooling serve all areas within the industry: from prestigious new build projects to refurbishments & extensions (whether large or small).

      The ThermaTile Plus radiant ceiling panel has proved to provide greater energy-savings when compared to other types of heating, such as wall-mounted radiators and under floor heating, a factor of particular importance to consultants and engineers working on Private Finance Initiative (PFI) projects, looking to keep whole life costs as low as possible – although, economy and quality is important in any area of UK construction and build.

      Through SPC’s Continuous Improvement Programme the ThermaTile Plus radiant ceiling panel has been developed with particular emphasis on innovation. The most innovative feature of the ThermaTile Plus radiant ceiling panel being the construction of the panel itself which offers the following new advantages:

      • Improved heat transfer due to unique corrugation construction of the radiant ceiling panel.
      • Superb structural strength (weight/deflection ratio) enables suspension of the radiant panel with fewer fixing points.
      • Radiant panels no longer confined to rectangular shapes but can be curved, triangular or indeed awkward shapes.
      • An extensive range of metallic, painted and coated finishes are available.
      • Pre-cut openings in the radiant panels may be provided for lights, smoke detectors, sprinklers, air vents, etc



      SPC have been accredited the EN14037 radiant panel standard for their ThermaTile Plus Radiant Ceiling Panels. The accreditation and testing was performed by WSPLab Stuttgart, Germany Click Here


      Please click here for the SPC ThermaTile Plus Radiant Panel Brochure

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    • Radiant Conditioning Sails and Beams


      ThermaSail Radiant Conditioning Sails provide an effective and energy efficient performance for both heating and cooling applications. They offer a uniquely flexible design providing both architectural and technical appeal in a wide variety of internal spaces, with sails sized, shaped and coloured to suit any internal concept.

      Features and Benefits

      • Attractive, smooth surface finish to almost any size, shape and colour
      • Lightweight, easy and safe to carry, lift and install
      • Slim profile, just 25mm, ensuring maximum use of ceiling height
      • Easy to integrate lighting and other services into the sails
      • Energy efficient heating and cooling from the same sail system
      • Low system inertia, giving excellent controllability and low energy consumption
      • Ceiling mounted giving unrestricted use of floor and wall space
      • Easy to adapt to changes in space usage


      Basic Operation

      Chilled or hot water is introduced into the panel via copper pipes which are mechanically fixed into aluminium extrusions. The extrusions are then bonded and riveted to the upper surface of the panel ensuring excellent and reliable heat transfer.


      When chilled water is passed through the coil, the large chilled lower surface cools the air against it. It also absorbs radiant gains from the room. The air above the panel is also cooled, and this cooled air convects around the edges of the sail. The unique strength of the panel eliminates the need for any structural sidewall allowing unrestricted cooled air movement and high cooling performance.


      When warm water is passed through the coil, the lower surface of the sail operates as an efficient radiant heater. The air above the panel is also warmed, and convects into the room space. With a large heated area, low water temperatures can be used which maximises boiler efficiency. The system has a low inertia, reacting very rapidly to heating and cooling demands, ensuring minimum energy consumption.

      Please click here for the ThermaSail and ThermaBeam Brochure

    • Radiant Heating and Cooling with Heat Pumps

      An Inspired way to cool and heat your building.

      SPC have combined market leading technologies to offer the most energy efficient heating and cooling solution available by seamlessly uniting the proven energy efficiency of radiant heating and cooling, with low carbon, optimised heat pumps.

      Heat pumps have long been considered only in conjunction with underfloor heating systems due to the low water temperatures that they generated. While satisfying the needs of low carbon heat generation, the underfloor emitters suffer from high inertia that offset many of the benefits of the heat pump.

      The latest generation of heat pumps provide the option for high temperature water generation up to 65ºC along with reversibility for summer cooling and the possibility of building wide heat recovery in mid season.

      The ideal partner to the heat pump is an SPC Radiant Conditioning Sail. Sails provide year round space conditioning and require only a relatively high summer chilled water temperature and relatively low winter hot water temperature thus allowing the heat pump to operate at its most efficient level. This system will operate at the same low water temperatures that are common for underfloor systems but with non of their disadvantages, only the added advantage of summer cooling.

      To view the benefits and considerations of using this system please click here

    • Heat Pipes


      Heat Pipes – Rapid Heat Transfer – several thousand times faster than a copper rod. A heat pipe is an energy-efficient thermal superconductor – with no moving parts. Heat pipes transfer large amounts of heat energy across a small temperature gradient.
      Heat pipes are popular because they enhance the cooling process without consuming any energy. The improvements in performance delivered by heat pipes are effectively free.

      A wide range of energy-efficient heat pipe applications Heat pipes recover waste heat and improve the efficiency of dehumidifiers.

      Heat Pipes for Heat Recovery:

      Reclaiming heat from exhaust air and retuing it to the fresh supply stream saves energy and money in a huge range of buildings such as hospitals, swimming pools, supermarkets, schools and colleges, restaurants, and social clubs. In every case, the running cost of the heat pipe heat recovery system is virtually nil, and maintenance is minimal.

      Heat Pipes for Dehumidification:

      A wrap-around heat pipe enhances the performance of a dehumidifier and improves the quality of the recycled air. The Heat Pipe provides a more comfortable environment for living and working in applications such as shopping malls, call centres, supermarkets for example. The improvements in efficiency come without any increased running costs from the heat pipe.



       Please click here to access the SPC Heat Pipes Brochure



      Water Based Technology

      Single tubed heat pipes have been manufactured for many years based on the use of water as the working fluid. In order to successfully manufacture a water based heat pipe, however, techniques have been used which do not lend themselves to coil based systems.

      SPC has undertaken a research program in conjunction with Brunel University with the aim of providing a novel manufacturing solution. The development is now complete, resulting in the latest version of SPC heat pipes being available at commercial prices and relying on water rather than refrigerant as their working fluid. The technology developed by SPC is the subject of a worldwide pending patent which has been applied for, covering the newly developed manufacturing technique.

      16% – 18% Increase In Effectiveness Compared to Refigerant Based Equivelent

      Heat Pipes are the most effective passive method of transferring heat available today. In their simplest form, a sealed tube (usually copper) is evacuated and charged with a working fluid. Heat transfer occurs along the length of the heat pipe without the need for energy input and against very low temperature differences. In the case of heat pipes for HVAC purposes, refrigerants such as R134a have traditionally been used as working fluids.

      Refrigerant charged heat pipes have been successfully used for many years and provide significant energy saving benefits to all projects in which they have been incorporated. While refrigerant provides a convenient medium for the manufacture of heat pipes, it has long been understood that if water could be used then not only would this provide a greener solution but it would also allow improvements in heat pipe efficiency.


      • 16% – 18% increase in effectiveness compared to refrigerant based equivalents
      • Zero refrigerant
      • Zero ozone depletion potential and global warming potential
      • High latent heat of vaporisation – low mass flux
      • High thermal conductivity – low temperature drops
      • High merit number – superior performance compared to refrigerants
      • Higher heat recovery rates
      • Reduced depths and airside pressure drop


      Please click her to access the  SPC Water Heat Pipes brochure