Ultra Violet Air and Coil Sterilisation

About Sanuvox

Sanuvox Technologies Inc. is a global leader in Ultraviolet air and object purification. Established in Canada in 1995, Sanuvox hold a number of international patents and brings products and solutions for virtually any
indoor air quality issue to markets around the world.

Quality Assurance

Sanuvox products have been independently tested by McGill University, Penn State University, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and The National Homeland Security Research Center (NHSRC) against Biological Warfare Agents and bacterial and viral contaminants.

Applications where Sanuvox (UV) Air and Object Sterilisation is used

SPC Sanuvox has designed, engineered and patented UV systems for different applications.

Our task is straightforward; we improve the comfort and indoor environment of those who live and work in them.

  • Changing Rooms and Lavatory Odours
  • Coil Cleaning Mould and Bio-Film Efficiency
  • Cold Air Room Air Sterilisation and Ethylene Reduction
  • Fruit and Vegetable Surface Sterilisation
  • Hospital Air Sterilisayion
  • Make-up Air Odours and Bio-Contaminates
  • Kennels and Veterinarian Air Sterilisation
  • Waste Room-Noxius Areas


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The Benefits

When Ultraviolet (UV) sterilisation is introduced there are endless benefits including….

  • Alleviate Sick Building Syndrome & building related illnesses
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce costs, maximise energy efficiencies
  • A green building technology
  • Destroy biological odours and reduce chemicals
  • Bio-protection
  • Dramatically reduces HVAC maintenance costs
  • Extend food shelf life
  • A healthier indoor environment
  • Reduces system pressure drop


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SPC BIM Objects

SPC’s BIM Objects offered by HASL offer high quality BIM components that meet and exceed industry standards:

  • COBie UK 2012, BS1192 and AEC(uk) compliant
  • Created by an AutoDesk certified Engineer
  • Created in AutoDesk Revit 2013


BIM Products avialable also Inlcude: 

  • MINIB Trench Heating
  • Begravia Eco Fan Convectors
  • Coil Heat Exchangers
  • Heat Pipes for recovery


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  • SPC Sanuvox Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilisation

    SPC Sanuvox UV Air Purifiers are specially designed to drastically improve the air quality in the building or facility. SPC Sanuvox proprietary systems make it possible to deliver high amounts of UV energy to the air-stream while at the same time increasing the “dwell time” between the air and UV purifier.

    SPC Sanuvox UV Air Purifiers use proprietary dual zone (UVV 187nm and UVC 254nm) high-intensity or UVC (254nm) high-intensity 19mm quartz lamps to destroy biological and chemicals in the air.

    The Importance of Parallel Installation

    In order for Ultraviolet light to be effective in destroying biological contaminants in the moving air-stream, there has to be a specific amount of UV power delivered to the contaminant for a specific amount of time.

    Contaminants require varying dosages of UV energy (μw) to destroy. Typically, bacteria are the weakest contaminants, requiring the least amount of energy. As a general rule, a virus is usually more resilient to UV energy, requiring more than twice the amount of UV energy than bacteria. A spore is typically the hardest to destroy, requiring more than 5 times the amount of UV energy compared to a virus.

    Research on SPC Sanuvox systems show that PARALLEL installations of the lamp(s) in the air-stream will result in greater contact time (dwell time), allowing for more UV energy to be delivered to the bacteria, virus or spore, resulting in a high “Kill Rate”. But more importantly from a practical standpoint, the parallel installation eliminates lamp surface fouling due to direct air impingement. The parallel lamp orientation provides the best overall performances and efficiency.

    Please click here for the UV Air and Object Sterilisation Brochure

  • SPC Sanuvox Ultaviolet (UV) Object Sterilisation

    SPC Sanuvox UV Object Purifiers named appropriately the “CoilClean series”, are high-intensity 19mm UVC (germicidal 254nm) quartz lamps mounted into anodised aluminium parabolic reflectors. These systems are designed to irradiate stationary objects (usually an A/C COIL) with UVC light preventing and destroying mould and other microbial growth on the object.

    Although very effective in keeping a stationary object clean, UV lamps shining on an object will have little effect on any other Indoor Air Quality concerns outside of the object that is being treated. UV CoilCleaners will have little effect on the air moving in the duct. By treating the air in the duct with UV Air Purifiers (see UV Air Purifiers) they will also have an effect in keeping the coils cleaner by reducing the biological contaminants in the air.

    Please click here for the UV Air and Object Sterilisation Brochure

  • Prevent Sick Syndrome with Ultra Violet

    Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is estimated to cost the British economy 24.6 million lost working days every yer. A report by the World Health Organisation determined that as much as 30 per cent of new and remodelled buildings around the world could have sick building syndrome symptoms.

    What are the Symtoms of Sick Building Syndrome?

    Building occupants complain of symtoms such as:

    • Headaches
    • Dizziness
    • Nausea (Feeling Sick)
    • Aches and pains
    • Fatigue (Extreme Tirdness)
    • Loss of concentration
    • Shortness of breath
    • Sensitivity to odours
    • Eye,nose and throat irritation
    • Skin irritation (skin rashes, dry itchy skin)

  • Online RIBA accredited CPD

    S & P Coil Products limited have developed an online RIBA accredited CPD on ‘Improving Indoor Air Quality and Reducing Energy Costs with Ultraviolet Air and Object Purification’.

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    The new online CPD allows engineers to complete CPD course in their own time with a set of questions available at the end of the seminar to enable them to download a CPD certificate and gain CPD points.