Date:February 20, 2013

Commercial & Industrial Gas Boosters


Secomak has been manufacturing centrifugal fans and gas boosters for over 80 years.  Secomak developed its original gas booster in conjunction with British Gas during the early 1970’s and remains a market leader and innovator in this area. Secomak regards safety as a key priority, and has an incident-free record with many thousands of boosters

Secomak gas boosters are compact, high performance units designed to boost natural gas pressures to enable efficient burner operation, or utilise smaller pipework sizes in an installation.

They occupy significantly less space than equivalent direct drive units, are easier to install and have significantly lower noise levels. Secomak gas boosters are designed an manufactured in accordance with BS8487.

Composition & Manufacture

Registered to BS EN ISO 9001:2000, Secomak’s manufacturing facility at Elstree has the latest production, testing, demonstration and process development facilities to ensure the highest possible standard of manufacture
and product quality.

Operation and Control

Run and standby systems can be created using two booster sets and a control panel, which automatically changes over to the standby booster in the event of malfunction. The unit also has connections to enable information to be fed back to a building management system, to monitor booster performance remotely.

Secomak also offers an instrumentation device which can be added to the booster to detect any abnormal vibration. This detects worn bearings before failure, and can be used to transfer running to the standby booster via the package controls. This feature also allows for planned maintenance, and reduces unexpected downtime.


Package gas boosters are supplied complete with controls, pressure switches, flexible couplings and anti-vibration mounts to ensure a safe and easy installation. Secomak has over 40 years of incident free gas booster installations.

Installation should be carried out in accordance with the Institute of Gas Engineers utilisation procedures IGE/UP/2, gas
installation pipe work, boosters and compressors on industrial and commercial properties. Secomak is happy to advise on gas booster selection and installation.


The recent introduction of BS 8487:2007 ‘The design and construction of gas boosters used in association with combustion equipment’ presented Secomak with the opportunity to review the gas booster design. Secomak consulted with the University of Hertfordshire to evaluate the current design against the parameters set out in the standard.

The testing undertaken by the university confirmed compliance with all mechanical aspects of the standard, however, to ensure that customers were afforded the maximum level of safety and protection the new look Secomak gas booster offers several refinements to the already proven design, principally:  Enhanced bearing assembly design,  Enhanced impellor balancing,  Enhanced gas tight sealing,  Enhanced impellor mounting.

Secomak Gas Boosters are now available throughout Scotland through and exclusive agreement with Heating Appliance and Spares Limited (HASL), through which both companies look to consolidate their position in this market.

Secomak Gas Booster Models

To help you select the correct model for your application please see our Gas Booster Selector page and input your volume and pressure lift requirement.


  • Model 576 – up to 32 mbar pressure lift: 300 m3/hr volume
  • Model 535 – up to 70 mbar pressure lift: 600 m3/hr volume
  • Model 540 – up to 80 mbar pressure lift: 1250 m3/hr volume
  • Model 581 – up to 46 mbar pressure lift: 900 m3/hr volume


Secomak Gas Booster packages include all pressure switches and controls necessary to complete installation under Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers IGEM/UP/2 Edition 2 Communication 1729.

The only additional work required for installation is to connect the appropriate electrical supply and make the mechanical connections to the pipe work.

Please click here for the Secomak Gas Booster Brochure