RESUS RisyCor Corrosion Monitors with temperature profiling – UK & Ireland Distributor

Risycor Continuous Corrosion Monitors, introduced by HASL in January 2017, is our most recent innovative addition to the portfolio.

It is the intelligent sensor technology that tells you of developing corrosion in your heating / cooling systems.

HASL RESUS Risycor Sales Brochure

Ostensibly our RisyCor uniform corrosion monitors use patented technology, similar to proximity switches, to measure mass loss of a 50 micron coupon of Iron every 20 minutes which is then algorithmically calculated across a 7 hour period to produce an annualised corrosion rate in micron metres per year.

This figure is then graphically formatted, as the image below, via our FREE RESUS PC Dashboard software onto your laptop or indirectly via our RisyCom card reader to provide a maximum 10 year corrosion profile which is simply front loading continuously.

The Risycor units are factory set, albeit adjustable via the same Dashboard software, to record and, if necessary, alarm when the rate exceeds 24µ m/Year. Should this alarm exceed 7 days or 7 times in 7 weeks attendance & site investigation should occur without delay. We’d generally recommend examination of system hydronics as a process of elimination albeit this is by no means the full extent of investigations but could solve many closed system problems. We are progressing with a number of process application where open system monitoring has been applied and shall keep you advised of progress in this regards within the coming months.

Volf Free Contact alarms if corrosion rates peak above set level

Example of a downloaded .csv file displayed via our RESUS Risycor Dashboard software demonstrated in video below.

The Risycor X2, using the common X-fix 1/2″ threaded connector to accommodate our probe, is the base entry unit for 2” pipework and above. The lighter Risycor CBU-Zerofix 1” valve would be appropriate for 40/42mm pipework and smaller either plugging the ¾” BSP port or using this in smaller system for the expansion vessel connection, as shown in the video below.

Enhanced communications exceeding BMS Alarm indication can be achieved via our Risycor CX-E and CX-I units which are the only units applicable for low temperature chilled water and remote LAN / Ethernet or Internet / Cloud based visibility respectively. The Cloud based process you’ll have seen at the end of the video above.

All datasheets for individual components are available here but if you cannot find the item just give us a call on 0044 (0)1506 438083

Risytest TXV-fix-set_Technical Datasheet_EN_V1_01_HASL

Risycor CBU-fix set_Technical Datasheet_EN_V1_01_HASL

Risycor CBU-Zerofix set_Technical Datasheet_EN_V2_01_HASL

Risycor X2-fix set_Technical Datasheet_EN_V2_01_HASL

Risycor CX-fix set_Technical Datasheet_EN_V2_01_ HASL

Risyalert_Technical Datasheet_EN_V1_01_HASL

Risycom_Technical Datasheet_EN_V1_00_HASL

Retractor_Technical Datasheet_EN_V1_01_HASL

Risycor_Application Guideline 1.2 V1_02_HASL

Alternatively all the units are available via NBS Create / Chorus clause 90 65 55 475 please let me know should you wish a copy of this template or it’s syndicated to our website below.

In order to best understand the benefits of being #RisyCord HASL offers either a FREE of charge CIBSE accredited Continual Professional Development (CPD) entitled Preventing Corrosion with Continuous Monitoring or alternatively a product Toolbox session to suit the audience.

This can be arranged either in your office or on site and shared with UK colleagues via video conferencing if appropriate. If you are interested in such a presentation please contact [email protected]