Metal and Glass Louvres, Mist Separators, Brise Soleil, Natural Air Ventilators

NACO is a brand division of Swegon Air Management Limited which comprises Actionair (dampers and fan coils), Air
Diffusion (grilles and diffusers) and Naco (louvres and sunscreens). The parent company is the multinational Swegon Group, owned by Investment AB Latour listed on Stockholm Stock Exchange, and is a market leader in energy efficient ventilation and indoor climate products and systems.

Swegon Air Management have two manufacturing facilities, one in Bridgnorth in Shropshire where Naco and Air Diffusion brand products are manufactured and one in Whitstable in Kent where the Actionair brand products are manufactured.

Naco has been manufacturing in the UK since the early 1960s but also has an established export market. We have a wide
range of export experience and our products are sold into many countries around the world. We are able to offer prices quickly including shipping and insurance costs where required.

The Naco product portfolio offers glass and metal louvres and sunscreens.


Finishes and Installation

All products are available in a range of architectural finishes and are offered on a supply or supply and fix basis. We offer a full site survey, design and fixing service where required. With the high commitment we offer towards managing our projects and health and safety considerations, we are able to work in all site environments and undertake risk assessments and method statements as a standard part of our working practice. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered.

  • Glass Louvres

    Glass Louvres

    In the glass louvre range we still offer the traditional Naco Standard louvre and Weatherbeta single glazed framed louvre for export markets while for the UK and Europe our VenGen 28 double glazed thermal break glass louvre has established market leading acceptance for a new generation of louvre systems. They are joined by our Nacoscreen system which acts as a chill/heat barrier in front of primary glazing. Our louvres are offered with various operation options from automatically opening windows through to our Smokebeta control units.

    Weatherbeta Louvre

    Naco’s architectural range of single glazed louvres is well established in many parts of the world and applications include high tech buildings, hospitals, universities, domestic dwellings and sheltered accommodation.

    Weatherbeta is an elegant quality engineered product which combines a strong aluminium frame system with ventilating blade holders produced from precision injection moulded polypropylene material.

    Please click here for the Weatherbeta Louvre Brochure

    Vengen28 Thermal Break Louvre

    Vengen28 is a high quality, double glazed thermal break aluminium louvre window system offering unique solutions for all your natural and smoke ventilation needs.

    It incorporates all the benefits of our previous Weatherbeta 32 – but with improved looks, enhanced features and ‘best-in-class’ performance. Available in bespoke sizes, and in an extensive range of colours and finishes, it’s both fit for purpose and fits to your exact building requirements.

    In today’s environmentally conscious economy, Vengen28 provides a natural, cost effective and low carbon solution to ventilation in modern buildings. It represents the culmination of years of design excellence from Naco, one of the world’s leading suppliers of creative air solutions. Providing a one-stop solution embracing both design and bespoke installation, Naco has unrivalled manufacturing experience and practical expertise in the louvre market. We’re a pioneer and an innovator who is able to meet individual needs, yet has the backing and resources of an established international group.

    Please click here for the VenGen28 Double Glazed Thermal Break Louvre Brochure

  • Metal Louvres

    Metal Louvres

    Our metal louvre range covers ‘industry standard’ products such as our 50, 75 and 100 series fixed blades together with our storm louvre options which is backed up by our storm louvre designs – two horizontal louvre blade configurations and our top of the range vertical blade louvre which is ideal for use where dry room conditions are required. Together with sight proof, movable blade and acoustic applications our metal louvre range gives the architect and designer a full range of products to meet any application.

    Please click here for the External Metal Louvre Brochure

    NEW DB50 Storm Louvre

    Naco has launched a new range of storm louvres providing the highest level of weather protection for buildings and plant in a shallower profile to ease fitting in a wide range of applications.

    The DB50 range meets the most stringent test criteria for wind driven rain protection and provides ideal pressure drop performance all within a shallow 51mm extruded aluminium frame that eases fitting in narrow window units and other restricted wall spaces.

    The optimum blade pitch minimises the penetration of wind-driven rain, reducing damage and additional operating expenses. The use of extruded aluminium reduces maintenance costs and provides high resistance to corrosion.

    Also, because it is such a slim unit it is quicker and cheaper to manufacture so making it one of the most competitive products on the market, but without any compromise on performance.

    The new DB50 has been stringently tested to meet standards set by the industry’s international body the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA). Naco’s louvres have passed AMCA’s 500-L Wind-Driven Rain Penetration test and the performance specifications are verified by the association’s Publication 511.

    Please click here for the DB50 Storm Louvre Brochure

  • Mist Separators

    We also have a presence in the luxury boat building marketplace where we sell our mist separator, based on our vertical blade louvre, which is used for air intake applications. Vertical blade mist separators are used for air intake applications where high air volumes are required coupled with the necessity for removing sea spray / salt from the air intake
    system. Mist separators may be fitted behind decorative grilles or as the prime unit. Horizontal blade units are also available, where, for aesthetic reasons, a horizontal line is preferred.

    Please click here for the Mist Separators Brochure

  • Sunscreens/Brise Soleil

    We offer simple Z blade fixed screens together with a range of ellipsoid blades some of which may be fixed or adjustable. Ellipsoid blades are used for both horizontal screens above windows or for vertical screens in front of windows. Sunscreens continue to be popular for many applications in commercial buildings, meeting the needs for control of solar gain and energy conservation while offering designers a palette of possible effects within the external cladding. A new brochure is available illustrating our full range of sunscreen products. The brochure also contains information on a range of standard screen types for easy selection by specifiers together with blade span charts for our ellipsoid range.

    Please click here for the Sunscreen/Brise Soleil Brochure

  • Natural Air Ventilators NAV Units

    Naco’s natural air ventilators have been developed for schools and similar buildings where controlled fresh air inlet is required. The system is flexible and enables any of the Naco range of metal louvres to be used in conjunction with insulated, aluminium or plastic blade dampers and caters for virtually any combination of height and width sizes.

    While openable windows offer primary ventilation, it is often difficult to use them due to draughts, rain, cold and noise issues. Roof mounted air systems often rely on wind and wind direction, therefore while they offer some opportunity for air intake and extraction at high level, many leading designers are introducing low level natural air ventilators (NAVs) at or below window level, the purpose of which is to control ventilation (to ensure an adequate supply) and so prevent build up of carbon dioxide during the day. These natural air ventilators normally comprise of an external louvre for weather protection and an internal electrically controlled damper, linked to the BMS. Another benefit of NAVs is their use in nighttime cooling systems as they do provide security against building entry.

    Please click here for the NAV Brochure

    • Beta Deluxe 152mm Glass Louvre Window Kits


      152mm blades


      • Windows from one to 15 blade can be provided together with extended sets for non-standard openings.
      • The window handle is designed for hand operation or may be fitted with drop rods for out of reach windows or can be operated by pole for longer reach installations.



      Beta De Luxe louvres are to be found typically in schools and domestic dwellings, clinics and smaller commercial applications where it is important to have maximum ventilation capability when required.


      The standard finish is natural anodised: RAL powder coat and bronze anodised are also available.


      The side frames of the window are aluminium extrusions while the blade holders are injection moulded polypropylene. There are separate head and cill weather strips; the window must be installed into a timber sub frame.

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