Commercial and Industrial Door Curtains


Government legislation is highlighting to businesses the poor energy efficiency characteristics of many buildings. Although Building Regulations Part L2 includes measures that help minimise the energy consumed in air conditioning and ventilation systems, losing conditioned air through entrances and loading bays can severely undermine these efforts.

By installing a correctly sized Envirotec air curtain at the entrances to a building, the conditioned air that would otherwise be lost will be contained within the building. Reducing this conditioned air loss will greatly reduce the load on central air conditioning plant nd thereby increase the building’s overall energy efficiency.

Envirotec produce a huge range of air curtains to suit most installations. Numerous styles, shapes and sizes are available, from esthetically pleasing circular units designed for on-view applications, to fully-recessed models that suit suspended or false ceilings. Where space restrictions or aesthetics prevent the use of an over-door design, bespoke vertical units can be provided. Different heating mediums can also be incorporated, such as low or medium pressure hot water coils, to steam and electric.

Enetec Digital Controls

Controlling the air curtain is easily achieved, with a comprehensive range of analogue and digital controls from which to

Simple on/off controls can be provided or fully specified packages that offer variable fan speeds, stepped heater outputs, thermostat or automatic control governed by the Building Management System. Alternatively, components can be supplied with a simple interface allowing the customer to provide their own controls package.

Striving for even greater energy efficiency, Envirotec developed the “Enetec” digital controller that can minimise the energy used by the door curtain. Enetec is a purpose designed control system which maintains tight control of space temperature. The heating elements within the air curtain are burst fired with electricity to optimise their power
consumption, allowing the output to be proportionally controlled, supplying the exact amount of energy required to maintain the space temperature.

Independent testing by BSRIA has shown that installing the Enetec controller on an air curtain with electric heating can reduce annual running costs by 30% to 50%. This can represent a return on investment after a year to 18 months. Although primarily developed to suit air curtains with electric heaters, Enetec can also be installed with LPHW heated units.

Enetec can be configured either as a “stand alone system” or for control via a Building Management System, being factory set to match customer’s requirements.

Envirotec’s Enetec controller is currently the only air curtain controller that has been approved for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA).