Client:BOA Flexible Solutions
Date:January 01, 2013

Metal Hoses, Flexible Connections, Expansion Joints, Metal Bellows, Anchors and Guides

What We Offer

The BOA Group develops, manufactures and sells flexible stainless steel components for engine management systems, exhaust systems, and auxiliary components for motor vehicles.

BOA supplies highly leak tight and flexible metal bellows for use in energy technology and in the construction of plants as well as rail vehicles, shipbuilding, air and space travel, vacuum, measuring, control technologies and valves. BOA solutions include both standardized products and custom engineered projects developed in line with individual customer needs.

Quality Products

As the  sole Scottish Distributor, HASL can supply high quality metal expansion joints and DIN 4809 approved rubber bellows at very competitive prices and short lead times as many items are available ex-stock.

BOA Flexible Solutions are proud to announce their WRAS approval for  their Epsilon Stainless Steel Expansion Joints which means they have been  examined, tested and have been found when correctly installed, to comply with the requirements of the United Kingdom Water Supply Regulations.

Please click here for the WRAS Approval Certificate

The BOA Group offers complete solutions based on our four product groups:


  • Metal Hoses in stainless steel flexible constructions, being used in situations where high demands are being placed.These products can be found in the automotive industry, aerospace or even in domestic gas appliances.

  • Expansion Joints in stainless steel or rubber, to take up thermal expansion or vibrations. Typical applications are piping, the chemical industry, HVAC and high tech machine construction.

  • Metal Bellows are technological masterpieces, offering a bewildering range of possibilities thanks to their flexibility. These products are widely used in the vacuum technology, medical applications and electronics.

  • Plastic Components complete the BOA portfolio. Be it as hoses, expansion joints or bellows, we can also offer you solutions with high quality plastic materials. The products are, for example, applied in the food industry, machine building and petrochemical applications. 


 Please click here for the BOA Flexible Solutions Brochure


HASL offer FREE CIBSE Accredited CPD: Compensating for thermal expansion, building movement and noise in pipework systems.

This technical seminar provides an insight into the often misunderstood subjects of thermal expansion, building movement and vibration control in piping systems.

Ignoring pipe expansion or building movements can lead to leaks, structural problems, safety issues and additional costs. The seminar shows from first principles how to identify potential problems, the most cost effective ways of compensating for movements utilising both natural flexibility and expansion joints. Correct guiding and anchoring of pipework is critical to the performance of the whole system and the CPD will give practical tips and rules of thumb.

Finally, the seminar will cover the correct selection and application of rubber flexible connections to eliminate noise and vibration transmitted through pipework and media generated by rotating equipment.

This can be arranged either in your office or on site.  If you are interested in a CPD please contact:  [email protected]