NACO gain BSRIA Certification on Louvres

HASL are pleased to announce that Ruskin Air Management has become one of the first manufactures in the ventilation industry to offer third party verification of its products via BSRIA Cert. The group has gained certification of three of its Naco brand weather louvres, which assures c
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SpiroTrap & SpiroCombi Easy Clean Magnet. NOW Available up to DN250

HASL are delighted to announce that the SpiroCombi and SpiroTrap easy clean Magnet are available in standard models ranging from DN50 up to DN250 These products are all covered by a 5 year warranty. The SpiroTrap and  SpiroCombi easy clean Magnet are equipped with a built-in magnet, e
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SPC Belgravia Fan Convector

NEW Belgravia Fan Convector brochure available NOW

A Fan Convector is the quickest way to bring a room up to temperature Belgravia Fan Convectors put heat where you need it, when you need it. Fan convectors can be utilised in churches, schools, colleges, libraries, sports halls, hotels, boardrooms, hospitals, leisure centres, and
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Spirotech UK Ltd - SpiroTrap Magnet & the SpiroCombi Magnet

Pumps need SpiroTrap for Optimum Performance

Due to the European Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC, the installation sector is switching to high-efficiency circulation pumps. Since January 2013, freestanding pumps have already had to comply with this directive.  A further 2 phases are planned which will mean requirements will also
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GMS Thermal Products Ltd

HASL Introduce Flash Vessels by GMS

Overview of Flash Vessels Flash Vessels are designed and manufactured fully in accordance with BS5500 category 3, inspected during design & manufacture by an independent insurance company and supplied complete with data dossier. The vessel should be mounted with the flash steam ou
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