More new guidance gets #Risycord in CIBSE Guide M

Guide M Maintenance engineering and management is considered the ‘go to’ guide for the facilities management industry. Everything you need to know about operating building services is introduced and explained in this guide, and references to more in-depth resources are also provided. The guide is based on UK best practice and has been updated for this third edition by volunteers, who each led on a chapter, or two, where they have knowledge of the subject and industry experience.

This document is intended to bring maintenance into a sharper focus by helping building and property operators become more aware of their responsibilities and duties. It will also help services designers to appreciate their role in providing installations that are safe, economic to maintain and operate, and capable of giving satisfactory performance over their full lifespan.

HASL would like to thank all contributors plus authors to this new guide and were delighted to offer our assistance in Part M4 Energy & Carbon, M12 Maintenance Audits and M13 Engineering Condition Surveys in particular.

Keep an eye out for more industry guidance getting #Risycord soon!