HASL supplies & installs NACO Vengen 28 louvres to Blood Transfusion Centre

SNBTS New Facility 2017

HASL and our tier 1 manufacturing partner Naco are proud to have been involved in the creation of the new purpose-built headquarters for the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service located in the country’s capital city. The building, which opened in September, houses the country’s largest blood transfusion processing and testing facility.

Up until now, Scotland’s blood transfusion services in the Central belt have been split across two centres in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The Jack Copland Centre, named after the founder of the Service, consolidates all necessary facilities for processing and testing blood donations from across Scotland at one site in the south western area of Edinburgh. The collaboration of multiple services on one site should enhance the provision of all Scottish blood transfusion services in a safe and cost-effective way.
Reiach & Hall Architects designed the building in a layout that accommodates and connects all of the facility’s services. Glass walls have been installed extensively throughout the building by main contractor, Interserve Construction, to separate yet visually connect the different areas of the centre.
Interserve were assisted by Buro Happold Consultants and Balfour Beatty Kirkpatrick M&E to ensure the building meets stringent safety requirements. They worked together to install natural ventilation louvres in the Centre’s office building and atrium.

HASL, recommended Naco’s attractive, state-of-the-art Vengen28 louvres for these areas. The louvres function as a double glazed glass window to perfectly comply with the building’s architectural requirements whilst also providing the arcade clerestory with a natural and smoke ventilation solution. Aluminium bladed louvres have been used to provide high level natural ventilation and air intake as part of the office bay windows.

The Vengen28 is constructed to an extremely high standard and complies with the building’s rigorous safety requests. It has been subject to a range of independent tests including air and water tightness; aerodynamics and weathering; European Standard EN12101-2 and CE Marking. The flexible design of Vengen28 ensures that all of the design requirements for the Jack Copland Centre have been achieved without affecting its ventilation performance.

Naco is one of the leading suppliers of creative air solutions. The culmination of more than 50 years’ of manufacturing excellence has resulted in the creation of products that can be adapted to cater to a variety of designs and installation requirements. These capabilities give architects and designers a unique opportunity to create outstanding ventilation features, as demonstrated in the Jack Copland Centre.