HASL presents online to CIBSE Home Counties South East on 18th January @ 6.30pm

This seminar asks the question why, despite many good standards and guidelines for corrosion protection of systems, there are still so many problems caused by waterside corrosion.

It will explain that there are many forms of corrosion but that by far the biggest contributor is oxygen. It will go on to explain the role of oxygen in the corrosion process and the importance of keeping it out.

The course will look at the various ways oxygen can enter a system and expand to explain that corrosion can be controlled to very low levels even without the use of inhibitors should this be preferred. However, as water condition can change rapidly in a system either due to mechanical failure or chemical processes the case will be made that corrosion monitoring is a vital aspect in maintaining a reliable and efficient system.

It will look at various methods of monitoring and conclude that modern sensor based monitoring is the future.

Speaker: Gordon Pringle, Director, Heating Appliances & Spares Ltd t/a HASL

Maximum Duration 75 mins with Q&A.