HASL give it “Laldi” with Heat Recovery

Reducing Energy Demand: The Time for Action is Now!

Demand for energy reduction has never been so critical as it is today. ALDI are doing their bit with the help of HASL and S & P Coil Products are you?

With the UK facing the worst energy supply crisis in living memory, there has been much talk about how the Government intends to address infrastructure and supply issues, but little focus on demand reduction. As such, we believe this to be the most important energy–related opportunity of our time and presents opportunities for many.

Why does it matter?

Ofgem predict that by 2015/16 the margin in UK installed energy capacity will have reduced from 14% to 5% – or even lower. The worst case prediction is 1%. As a nation, we’re spending £110bn to tackle the supply issues we’re facing – yet throwing money at the problem does nothing to address the fundamental issue that as a planet we simply don’t have enough fuel to keep burning. What is more, the £100 a year levy on every UK household from 2020 is going to have a catastrophic impact on the most vulnerable in our society – and place a further burden on us all in austere times.

Yet, in the UK, buildings consume almost half of our energy. We know that energy consumption in buildings can be reduced by at least 20% just through simple, cost effective, rapid recovery energy-saving measures. Push further, and we could drive that figure even lower.

For more information on heat recovery please click here to read our ALDI project case study.