BESA Academy refreshes our Monitor, React and Prevent Corrosion E-Learning portal in January

HASL and our collaborating partners Geberit are pleased to continue to support the Building Engineering Services Association new E-Learning portal BESA Academy with a refreshed Monitor, React & Prevent Corrosion CIBSE Accredited CPD Extracts.

The session was recorded the day after BSRIA launched BG29/2020 6th Edition which amongst many updates to the Guidance introduced corrosion monitoring into the guide.

Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) is a non-profit distributing, member-based association promoting knowledge and providing specialist services for construction and building services stakeholders. Their mission is to make buildings better by improving their environmental, operational and occupational values, and they, alongside ourselves, support the industry by providing guidance and solutions.

Only last month CIBSE Heat Networks: Code of Practice in the UK (CP1) with regards water quality BP6.3a states that regular operating reports minimal requirements can be enhanced by continuous corrosion monitoring.

Geberit’s Paul Ashby presents extracts from their Make It Right CIBSE accredited CPD which promotes education to instill change within the industry in how to address the root causes of corrosion and share options to mitigate them.

The session, hosted by our own Gordon Pringle, then examines some of these causes and introduces the cost effective continuous corrosion monitor which not only records corrosion rates but alarms on excessive levels via a volt free contact.

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